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Covid-19 pandemic has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for many tech startups and IT majors around the globe. We live in the age of Internet, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Yet there is nothing new, nothing amazing happening in this remotest part of the globe called, Manipur.

For those who are not aware, in a recent televised interview a high ranking govt official from Education department expressed, in fact, belittled most major IT companies and startups in Manipur that not a single worthy LMS app or resource is available in the market to be used for Online Learning for high schools in the states. A big blow in our education sector and quite shamefull. Right? Ok. For some people this is golden opportunity and a challenge. Let’s break down the reasons for this gap.

Also, before explaining the reason, let me add one point here. The official, while expressing his view in public domain, did not even shy away from the fact that he himself is working in education sector that too in a heavily funded govt department. That is also very shameful too. Why because, it keeps me wanting to ask why can’t he arrange his department to hire trained IT staffs and create one LMS app? I mean every government department has some IT guy. Right?

Coming back to the analysis of his claim, any guy who has been part of any IT company in Manipur, will agree that there is nothing worthy app related with education in Manipur. Let’s face it. This is 100% true. Why? Because, we don’t have any IT company run by leaders having vision to push our potentials to the horizon and expose to the entire world.

In the age of Internet, even a small IT company can become a global phenomenon. Take for example OYO, Zomato, MindTree, Flipkart etc. They all started with small team but then grew out to become MNCs or global majors. If they can do why can’t any company from our tiny state reach the global platform? They have the same human resource as we have. The reasons are many. One reason could be that our IT companies are plain bullshit. They don’t have visionary leaders like Narayana Murthy (founder of InfoSys), Sunder Pichai (CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company), Satya Nadella etc.

Let’s face it. Almost all our IT companies in the state are run by people who lack vision and only depend on govt funded projects to survive. They simple don’t want to take challenges and solve problems that can change million lives. They simply depend on projects for govt websites which should not cost not more than 200 USD, if hired a professional freelancer from the USA. Easy money for them.

Another reason is schools are not evolving. They are still operating with teaching methodology which is way too primitive now. Our schools are simply 50 years behind countries like Japan, the USA, the UK etc.

How to solve part of this challenge is very simple. CEOs of IT companies in Manipur should change this model of doing business for the greater good. Schools should invest on emerging technologies to shape students rather than seeing each student as a member who pays monthly premium.


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